University Hill Realty makes renting simple for you!

We have homes and apartments from single rooms to 10 bedroom houses. All are within a walking distance to campus, plus a free campus bus is available. All our homes have been upgraded to include the following:

  • New roofs
  • New energy efficient furnaces
  • New Energy Star windows and glass block basement windows
  • Deadbolt exterior locks
  • New Energy Star appliances including dishwashers
  • LED exterior security lights
  • Coin-op washers and dryers

Most of our homes include exterior front porches, free off-street parking, sanded hardwood floors and/or newly upgraded carpeting.

University Hill Realty homes and apartments are not furnished to permit tenants to customize their living spaces and also realize savings over the furnished homes.

Another feature of University Hill Realty is our efficient utilities. All our apartment and homes have tenant billed utilities. Why? Again, to save you money. University Hill Realty has upgraded all our rentals to be Energy Star. We guesstimate utilities to average $75 per person on a 12-month basis.

Step 1: What Do You Want?

  1. What is your group size? How many bedrooms do you need?
  2. What is your price range per person? Remember that utilities are extra, typically $75.00 a person per month.
  3. Are there any allergies that would require a certain type of flooring (hardwoods vs. carpeting)?

Step 2: Tell Us What You Want
Once your group has the answers to these questions, please visit our website to search for our up to date listings of our available apartment homes. Be mindful of lease start dates. Rent is quoted for the entire home or apartment.

Step 3: The Tour
We suggest picking 3 or 4 apartments or homes that are similar. We also suggest that if you plan to have roommates, all of you tour the houses together, at the same time, so that decisions can be made. Since we respect our current tenant’s privacy, we give them at least 24-hour’s notice of any showings, however same day requested showings can usually be given in units that are vacant.

Step 4: Visit The Neighborhoods
We strongly suggest you visit the neighborhood of any prospective apartment or home before you take a tour. This will help you get a perspective of what life in the University neighborhood is like.

Step 5: Read The Sample Lease
Read the Sample Lease on our website.

Step 6: Study, Discuss and Mathematical Calculations
Compute what you are currently paying for housing and add food costs if you live in a dormitory. You and your roommates need to discuss what you are currently paying for housing, utilities, and food costs, if you are/were living in on campus housing. For University Hill Realty costs, add the rent per bedroom (apartment home divided by the number of bedrooms) plus add $75 per month for utilities. This amount will be your new rent. Discounts are permitted if all occupants pre-pay quarterly (3% discount), semi-annually (5% discount) or annually (7% discount). University Hill Realty does not have any other charges such as monthly fees for trash or credit card fees (for rent payments) unlike most other University Area landlords.

Step 7: Signing the Lease
When you or your group is ready to sign a lease, please call our office at (315) 422-0709 or email us at We will meet at a mutually convenient time at our office at 500 Westcott St, Syracuse, NY 13210 (above Papa John’s Pizza). We ask that all lease signers be present to sign the documents and pay the security deposit. Security deposit questions may be answered in our FAQ section or you can contact us. Our available rentals are rented first come, first serve. We also permit our current tenants first dibs on renewing their lease each year.