The first rule in buying any property is location, location, location.

The second rule is to always ask, in this location which Real Estate Agent is the specialist? Ask your friends, family and other Real Estate professionals:

“Who has an office and specializes in the University Area/East Side in the City of Syracuse?”

Most Real Estate agents participate in the sharing of listings and the brokerage of these listings. However, Real Estate is local and by that we mean, each street and block in the University Area can be different. Always deal with a specialist like University Hill Realty when you want to buy in the University Area or the East Side in the City of Syracuse.

After you have selected a Real Estate Agent, make an appointment with your lender to obtain a prequalification letter, which will tell you the total value of your home purchase limits, down payments and many other requirements. Your Real Estate Agent can help you with this decision and help interpret the outcome. Next, you can start looking at listings, making appointments to see listings and making some long-term commitments. Most first-time homebuyers start with a two-unit home, that they can at least rent out one of the units to help pay the monthly mortgage payments.

Please realize that the process to purchase a home may take only 3 months, but typically takes 6 months. Good luck in your house shopping adventure!