1. Can we see the floor plans, list of amenities, start dates and interior pictures of each unit before we go on a tour?
  2. Yes, there is a link on our website.

  3. Can we review your lease agreement before we go on a tour?
  4. Yes, there is a link on our website.

  5. Do you allow pets?
  6. We do NOT allow pets.

  7. What about hidden fees?
  8. There are no hidden fees, the only charges we have are rent. Trash pickup and landscaping is included in the monthly rent. We also do not charge a fee for paying rent via credit card or debit card.

  9. Are tenants responsible for utilities?
  10. Tenants are responsible for electric, gas, water, sewage and wifi. You can try contacting National Grid and local internet service providers for an estimated average. Since University Hill Realty homes are ALL Energy Star, our utility bills are the lowest possible of any home in the University Area.

  11. Can we sublet?
  12. Yes, subletting is your right under NY State law. Semester and Summer sublets are common and getting permission is easy.

  13. Can we paint and/or modify our apartment at all?
  14. Yes, but you must return the apartment to the condition to which you found it at move-in when your lease expires.

  15. How do we reserve one of your apartment homes?
  16. You (or your group) will be required to fill out an application, sign a lease in person or by scan/fax/email and pay the security deposit in full. Our homes are available to rent on a first come, first serve basis and we have learned from experience that is the most equitable system.

  17. How much is the security deposit for an apartment home?
  18. A security deposit for an undergraduate student is equivalent to two month’s rent and for a graduate student it’s one month’s rent. For non-students, it can be equivalent to one month’s rent or more depending on proof of income. Security deposits can NOT be used as a last month’s rent.

  19. How are repairs (emergency and non-emergency) handled?
  20. University Hill Realty has 4 full-time maintenance employees that live in the University Area neighborhood. Emergency repair? Call (315) 422-0709 for after office hours and weekend help.

  21. What if our group is missing people to fill the apartment home?
  22. No problem! Finding a friend or a replacement roommate is easy. A group that is actively looks for a fill-in person will not get stuck “holding the bag” for an empty room. There is a housing shortage in the neighborhood and you will always find someone wanting to join your group.

  23. Final words of wisdom:
  24. There are many landlord choices in the University neighborhood. Be an educated consumer!

    Always read the lease before signing. Only rent from a landlord that has a real office that has open office hours available for you to visit in person or can call. Then you confidently know who you’re dealing with if you have any questions or problems. We recommend University Area landlords that employ maintenance workers as opposed to landlords that hire subcontractors to do all repairs.

    Investigate the reputation of prospective landlords with the SU Off Campus Housing Office. They keep a list of tenant complaints. Finally, when you walk through an apartment or home, ask the landlord when the furnace, how water tank, roof, electric service panel, kitchen appliances, windows and basement windows were upgraded. If the landlord doesn’t know or if any of these items look old or in bad shape, keep shopping or negotiate with the landlord for upgrades.